Now only 10 €/mo

elfCLOUD is Finnish secure cloud storage service that lets you keep your data privacy while storing and sharing on the cloud. We've just renewed our pricing, 10 € a month now brings 1 user and 100 GB space!

Dependable Security

Files are encrypted before uploading. Keys are always stored locally, ensuring that we cannot open your encrypted files.

Safely in Finland

All datacenters and servers are in Finland operating under the Finnish legislation. All subscriptions include e-mail support. For companies we also offer phone support, training and consulting.

Solid availability

The data is stored in modern datacenter environments. Storage systems are mirrored, distributed and continuously backed up. Redundant clusters, power supplies and network connections guarantee availability.

You need more?

We listen to our customers and tailor to the needs of companies. For specific features or deployment models, please contact us. We are happy to do roadmap cooperation as well as customized packaging and deployments.

Cloud Storage safely in Finland

  • Sync work files to the cloud without the constant copying
  • Manage and follow the information in your straightforward Event Log
  • Backup your PC to the cloud automatically and effortlessly
  • Simple in the introduction and maintenance of enhancing processes
  • Express access to the latest files in your workgroup, anytime, anywhere

Security implemented the right way

  • Create and manage encryption keys easily
  • Very strong AES256 encryption is always available for local applications
  • PKI infrastructure protection for sharing encryption keys and key backup
  • Encrypted and protected network from the customer to the service provider

elfCLOUD is a credible Finnish secure cloud storage service. You can save and back up your files,and work and share directly from the cloud with confidence.
Your data will always remain available to you - private and of integrity.

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Not for commercial use


Companies, associations, freelancers

Pricingget to the secure cloud, now with new prices!

10 €/mo = 1 user + 100 GB storage

An elfCLOUD license costs 10 EUR/month. Each license adds one user account and 100 gigabytes of storage. You can add as many licenses as needed to meet your needs of total users and storage capacity.

With corporate accounts, the license allows creation of user accounts for your customers for easier folder sharing.

VAT 24% will be added to the prices.

The license pricing includes

File management GUI client

File management command line client

Password manager

Folder synchronization (Windows)

Scheduled backups (Windows)

Mobile access

E-mail support

Phone support (businesses)

Download the latest application versions

Beaver / Screenshots

Application for daily file handling, encryption key and trust relationship management

  • Search, view and edit files easily
  • Share your folders with trusted recipients and friends
  • Safely manage, back up and share your security keys
  • Maintain personal and corporate trusts
Nightjar / Screenshots

Application to mananage Windows workstation and server data backup with compression and encryption

  • Choose the required folders and files to back up
  • Specify the backup execution times and intervals
  • Easily restore your backups
  • Safely secure your most important work files
Crow / Screenshots

Securely store all your passwords with AES256 encryption. Access from desktop and mobile.

  • Store your passwords securely with encryption
  • Use your passwords from any computer
  • Share common passwords with a workgroup
  • Local AES256 encryption. All data in the cloud.

Application for automated folder syncing. Configure one or two-way synchronization.

  • Synchronize local and cloud folders for offline use
  • Define how your folders will synchronize
  • Use the latest versions of your files from any computer
  • Careful sync engine to avoid sync-overwrites
Mobile / Screenshots

Secure access to your files from a mobile devices

  • Support for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad)
  • Use your files and passwords from anywhere
  • Save photos and videos in encrypted form

Command-line tools to access your files.

  • Create automated tasks
  • Save and view your encrypted files
  • Built for power users and administrators

Need more information or support? We are here to help.

Corporate Sales Enquiries

Our sales guys Pekka Käyhkö and Kari Halavaara will be happy to address any pre-sales enquiries regarding elfGROUP services, including our secure cloud offering.


elfCLOUD is a product of elfGROUP Cyber Security Services Ltd. It is all developed, hosted and operated here in Finland.

Technical Support

For all technical support and elfCLOUD API related developer contacts please use the contact form or e-mail directly to the elfCLOUD support team at You can write to us in Finnish, English or French whichever works for you the best.


If you need to reach someone, our personal e-mail addresses are of the form Our office is located at Hiltusentie 23 A 1, Oulu, Finland. Please refer to the elfGROUP pages for more contact information.


For developers, we provide an open and documented API and a set of open source client libraries for mobile and desktop use.

You can use our direct HTTPS/JSON and raw-HTTPS interfaces or embed one of our client libraries into your application for an object-based storage access. Integration is quite easy and we'd love to see some 'Save to elfCLOUD' enabled desktop and mobile apps!

Also, elfCLOUD storage is a good fit for application backend storage, making it easy to build connected systems; including mobile use.

Interested? Contact us and we'll tell you more and support you when needed.